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The producer of CinnaChroma claims it is a cutting-edge blood sugar support supplement. Also, they say it reduces blood sugar levels using science. A group of American research specialists created it. CinnaChroma reduces blood sugar levels. It also decreases cravings for food by using cinn

CinnaChroma is a blood sugar support supplement featuring cinnamon and chromium.


Formulated by world-class physician Dr. Scott Saunders, CinnaChroma is marketed to anyone who wants help supporting healthy blood sugar levels – including diabetics and pre-diabetics. Does CinnaChroma live up to the hype? How does CinnaChroma work? Can cinnamon and chromium really help support your blood sugar? Keep reading in our review to find out everything you need to know about CinnaChroma today.


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What Is Cinnachroma?

CinnaChroma is a blood sugar supplement created by Barton Nutrition. Available online through the official website, Amazon, and certain online retailers, CinnaChroma uses a combination of vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts to help support healthy blood sugar.


Two of the most important ingredients in CinnaChroma, as you may have guessed from the name, including cinnamon bark extract and chromium. Many diabetics are deficient in chromium, and chromium appears linked to blood sugar control issues. Meanwhile, cinnamon has demonstrated evidence it could help blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more.


CinnaChroma is priced at $49 to $67 per bottle when ordering online today. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of CinnaChroma, or 30 capsules.


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How Cinnachroma Works For Blood Sugar

The largest and most important ingredient in CinnaChroma is cinnamon. The supplement contains a 10:1 dose of cinnamon extract. That means you’d need to take 10 servings of other cinnamon products to get the equivalent of 1 dose of CinnaChroma.


However, there’s a difference between the cinnamon in your spice rack and the cinnamon in CinnaChroma. You can’t just take cinnamon as a spice daily to support blood sugar; instead, you need a specific type of cinnamon used in supplements like CinnaChroma. It’s called “false cinnamon.” It’s different from ordinary cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon or Cinnamomum zeylanicum. False cinnamon is the one that’s used to fight diabetes. It’s called Chinese cassia, and it’s been linked to blood sugar effects in multiple studies.


According to studies cited by Barton Nutrition on the official CinnaChroma sales page, the cinnamon in the formula can lead to benefits like: In one study, 18 people with type 2 diabetes took cinnamon over 12 weeks. All of the subjects in the cinnamon group “had a statistically significant decrease in their blood sugar levels.”


In fact, researchers in that study found cinnamon led to a similar decrease in blood sugar as conventional drugs – but without the harmful side effects of traditional diabetes medication.


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How Does Cinnachroma Work?

CinnaChroma is a dietary supplement that uses natural ingredients to help offer blood sugar support. It might help prevent individuals from struggling with health complications such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. According to the manufacturer, the organic product might also help boost metabolic rate, enhance energy generation, improve nutritional health, strengthen immunity, and promote overall wellbeing. It might also help those struggling with weight lose some pounds safely and naturally.


Who Is The Manufacturer Of Cinnachroma?

CinnaChroma is a revolutionary dietary supplement formulated by Dr. Scot Saunders and Joe Barton. It is produced by Barton Nutrition, a firm that manufactures its products in a facility that ensures products go through third-party testing and GMP guidelines. It also offers its contact information online. Therefore, if you have questions regarding the manufacture of CinnaChroma, you can email them, hit them up on their social media platforms, or call them for more detailed information.


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The Science Behind Cinnachroma

CinnaChroma is a dietary supplement that uses organic ingredients such as chromium to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. According to recent studies, natural elements have been shown to help boost metabolic, immune, and cardiovascular health. It also contains vanadium, an organic ingredient that might offer antioxidant properties that help lower oxidative stress and tackle free radicals. However, CinnaChroma does not provide any clinical or scientific evidence that backs its claims.


What Are The Benefits Of Cinnachroma?

  • The formula uses 100% safe organic ingredients supported by science.
  • It might help eliminate blurry vision and floaters while preventing diabetic blindness.
  • The manufacturer suggests it might help lower blood sugar levels by 24%
  • It might help flush toxins from the retina and support blood flow to the body.
  • The formula may promote a healthy insulin response and battle erectile dysfunction issues.
  • The heart health product might help boost metabolic rate, enhance digestive health, and support cardiovascular health.
  • It might be formulated in an FDA-evaluated and GMP-certified facility.
  • The organic supplement might be free from harmful GMOs, artificial fillers, and other habit-forming stimulants.


What Are The Side Effects Of Cinnachroma?

CinnaChroma is an expensive option compared to other supplements.

There are no free trials or samples provided.

Some reviews suggest it might not work for everyone.


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Where To Buy Cinnachroma

CinnaChroma is available on their official website, providing shipping discounts and a one-year money-back guarantee. You can also receive a bulk discount if you purchase more than one bottle of CinnaChroma.


  • $67.00 / One Bottle of CinnaChroma
  • $59.00 Each / Three Bottles of CinnaChroma
  • $49.00 Each / Six Bottles of CinnaChroma


Within the United States, delivery will take approximately 3–4 days. If outside of the country, shipping will take around 7-12 business days, depending on how far your country is from the USA. There is also a refund policy that comes with your purchase.


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Cinnachroma Reviews - Final Verdict:


The CinnaChroma is jam-packed with all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep your blood sugar at healthy levels. It fully supports glucose metabolism while providing other health benefits to your body. It regulates the blood pressure and cholesterol levels too. CinnaChroma also helps you lose weight efficiently and safely. The dietary supplement is powerful enough to work without requiring its users to change their lifestyles. CinnaChroma is a good solution to significantly reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and other cardiovascular health diseases. If you'd like to live a healthier life and support your well-being then it is best to purchase CinnaChroma and experience the optimal benefits yourself. 


It is a budget-friendly dietary supplement that offers multiple discounts and a risk-free experience with its money-back guarantee.


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