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Dear Young Person,

I say to you: there are jobs!

There have always been jobs.
There will always be jobs.

However, the descriptions and requirements of these jobs are continuously improving with the times. Especially with the fast-paced innovative discoveries in technology and human service delivery.

In one environment, the need for sociologists may be fading off but the need for data analysts, scientists and researchers is on the rise. How can a sociologist use his/her background to transition and take advantage of the opportunity?

In another environment, the need for graphic designers may no longer be lucrative but the cry for UIUX experts is increasing. What are the people with design backgrounds doing to innovate and upscale?

In time, there may be no jobs as you know them due to the change in titles, descriptions, requirements etc. But there are always going to be jobs if you are willing to skill up and reposition.

GetAdvantage Consulting can help you with these adjustments and upscale. Send a message on WhatsApp to 09061612819 to begin your enquiry.

Credit: Emeritus Harry Porbeni

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Guys Please Learn How to do the ANAS Style

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